Looking and feeling your best as you age is a goal for many people. While all people are going to look somewhat older as the years go by, there are ways that you can slow the progression of aging. There are various common mistakes that people do make, which could end up making them look and feel older than they need to. 

Not Preparing for the Sun

Nothing is better than spending a nice day outside in the sun. Whether you are going for a walk, a sporting event, or spending the day at the beach, fun in the sun is a great way to decompress and enjoy your time. While the sun can provide a lot of fun activities, it can also speed up the aging process if you are not careful. If you do not wear the right sunscreen, the UV rays from the sun can cause your skin to dry and burn, form wrinkles, and even leave permanent marks. 

Beyond wearing sunscreen, it is important that you wear proper sunglasses. If you do not wear sunglasses, it could damage your eyesight and force you to squint a lot, which can cause lines and wrinkles. Due to this, wearing the right type of sunscreen and protective eyewear is important whenever you leave the home. 


Smoking on a regular basis continues to be one of the most unhealthy habits that people follow. While smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease, it can also be quite damaging to your skin and make you look older. This habit can cause wrinkles and baggy eyelids. Similar challenges can develop if you are around second-hand smoke regularly. 

Poor Diet

Following a healthy diet can also help you continue to look young for years into the future. A healthy diet that is full of vitamins and nutrients will give you energy, will help you keep your skin clear, and can help you manage a healthy weight. All of these benefits will help you avoid excess aging. 

Looking and feeling your best as you age is important for everyone. By following these tips and avoiding certain bad habits, you can help feel and look your best as the years go by.