In recent beauty research it was found that skin care is the second highest seller of the beauty industry. This includes skin care sets, Korean skincare routines, and basic skincare like moisturizers. The issue many people have with skin care is that, as you get older, the basics aren’t so basic. You have more than just cleanse, tone, and moisturize. 

Cleansing First and Why?

Some skin care systems, like Korean skin care, use up to 10 steps. This makes starting a new skin care routine confusing. The real question is, does the order of your skin care really matter? When it comes to exfoliation and cleansing steps, order does matter. Cleansing helps to remove not only dirt and oil, but also helps to loosen dead skin cells. This step can make exfoliating more beneficial. 

Aiding Exfoliation

Cleansing first helps to loosen the dead skin cells, which in turn, helps the exfoliation step remove more of the dead skin. The removal of more dead skin cells will give you a softer skin as well as help reduce dry skin patches and even makeup build-up. Remember, makeup can stick to your dead skin as well. This causes a caked appearance. It also leads to clogged pores and more skin conditions such as black heads and acne. 

Preparing for Moisturizer

When you cleanse and do not follow it with exfoliation, you leave dead skin cells behind. You may also be leaving oil and debris. This becomes a problem when you use your moisturizer. Moisturizer, much like liquid foundation and other makeup, will cling to the top layer of your skin. If that layer is cleansed, but not exfoliated, you may have an issue with oily skin from the moisturizer buildup or dry skin from your skin not receiving enough moisturizer. When you cleanse first and follow it with exfoliation, you give a prime skin base for your moisturizer to work properly. 

So, does the order you use your skin care matter? Yes. If you are considering using a new skin care system or routine, make sure to follow the steps in order to keep your skin safe and get the most out of your skin care routine.